Yamatokōriyama city is known as the "city of goldfish" in Japan, and now has another reason to make that claim with this phone booth used as a goldfish tank.


Source: @mituyasann

Conveniently, and perhaps strategically placed in Yamatokōriyama's shopping district, the unusual fish tank was set up by a group called "K-Pool Project", and as you can see, is made from a modified phone booth with shelves kept as they were originally set up. While we can't speak for the comfort of the fish, there is an industrial pump to handle oxygen issues. In the summer, algae can increase due to rising temperatures, so group members and locals replace the water and clean the booth.

Like a castle in a fishbowl.


Source: @mituyasann


Source: @mituyasann

As many as 500 goldfish swim in the phone booth at the same time.


Source: @mituyasann

As of August, 2014, the fish tank had approximately 60 "Wakin" goldfish--with that number approaching 500 goldfish in the Spring and Autumn! And as you can imagine, local businesses appreciate the goldfish phone booth as an eye-catch for potential customers, going so far as to replicate it inside their shops.

You don't need to sip on your tea alone.


Source: @mituyasann


Source: @mituyasann

And here's a video that shows it all off in action.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.