We have an interesting item to show you. This is based on one of Japan's well-known snacks!

I bet most people in Japan would have tried "Pocky" in their lives. Many people outside of Japan are also accustomed to this chocolate-coated stick biscuits.

If you love Pocky, then you are bound to love this. It's Pocky-look-alike chopsticks! Because it looks very similar to the actual biscuit, we better be careful not to try and eat them.


Source: Amazon

If you look at it close up... Yep, these are definitely chopsticks! But when you look at the "chocolate coated" part, they start to look like Pocky again.

You can print your name when you order these chopsticks!


Source: Amazon

Place it beside a box of real Pocky, it's hard to tell them apart.

The chopsticks come in two types - chocolate and strawberry. When you want a bit of wit in your dining, we thoroughly recommend this item!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.