Pocky is one of the most popular Japanese snacks worldwide, the simple chocolate-covered biscuit sticks satiating sweet cravings since 1966. For 50 years they’ve given us various flavors of chocolatey goodness, and still come out with limited editions to constantly keep fans happy.

So we know we’re all experts at eating them, but have you ever seen them being made on their production line in enormous quantities?

We hadn’t either, but Pocky manufacturer Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. released a short video last year on their official YouTube channel giving us a sneak peak into the wonderful world of Pocky production. Prepare yourselves for one of the yummiest virtual factory tours on the internet (even the background music sounds like someone eating Pocky!).

This is where the magic happens


Source: YouTube

The biscuit dough...


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... is evenly stretched out into sticks


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They’re baked, divided, and covered in chocolate


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Then boxed and prepared for distribution


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The result is an entire warehouse full of boxes of Pocky, which we wouldn’t really mind being trapped in.


Source: YouTube

This amazing video was shot inside Glico’s Osaka factory headquarters, but luckily for us, we only need to head over to the local supermarket to get a delicious box of Pocky.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.