Hamburg-based concept artist and illustrator Lap Pun Cheung just barely missed out on entering the Star Wars: Reimagined contest by CG Plus, but that didn't deter him from adding to his already impressive catalog with some Star Wars art coated in the charming aesthetic of Studio Ghibli.

There are some very natural links of inspiration between Japanese culture and Star Wars, and we've seen that translated into beautiful artwork before, but it's very cool to see the adventurous world of Star Wars explored with the delightful styling of Studio Ghibli. There's only three, but they are quite fascinating, and have us hoping for a BB-8 Totoro in the future.


Source: Lap Pun Cheung


Source: Lap Pun Cheung

Cheung writes that "I tried to mash Vader into the Ghibli style and settings. I wanted it to look like a still from a possible film..."


Source: Lap Pun Cheung

By - grape Japan editorial staff.