Sushi is delicious, but it’s not for everybody. Some people don’t like raw fish, and others have food restrictions and don’t eat fish at all. But now anyone can enjoy a beautiful plate of vegetable sushi, equally delicious and fun to eat!

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There are even restaurants that have vegetable sushi on their menus, proving that with a little bit of creativity, they can be restaurant-worthy dishes that any foodie will fall in love with. They’ll also make for a new way to eat your veggies, and are definitely gorgeous enough to serve at parties.

But for all of us novices, we need someone to point us in the right direction before we start getting too creative. Thankfully Japanese blogger Saori is here to help, with a list of veggie toppings for your future culinary creations.

Zucchini and Cherry Tomato

Slice zucchinis with peeler and wrap around rice like a sushi roll. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place on top.


Slice and place on rice. Wrap with seaweed. The combination of avocado and soy sauce is actually known to taste like really good tuna.


Slice cucumber with peeler and rub with salt. Top with pink peppers.


Peel, slice, and serve tomatoes on rice.

Deep-Fried Eggplant

Deep-fry eggplants and marinate in a mix of soy sauce, vinegar, lemon, and maple syrup.

Kabocha (Japanese Pumpkin)

Steam and slice. Serve on rice and sprinkle with salt.


Slice and fry with rapeseed oil. Serve on rice and sprinkle with salt.

Okra and Walnut Miso Paste

Lightly boil the okra and top with a mix of walnut, barley miso, and water or dashi.

These are just some ideas, and you can experiment with any of your favorite vegetables — there are no rules! Other popular veggies are lotus roots, green beans, and yams. Some people have even tried strawberries, so fruits are always an option too.

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If you have any other good ideas, let us know! Note that the rice used in these recipes are all sushi rice, which is rice with vinegar, and some salt and sugar.

Bon appétit!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.