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A Functional AR15 Rifle Made Out Of…LEGOS?

Older Lego fans know by now that the timeless and colorful building blocks have taken on a life of their own and come a long way from their childhood days, but with a little do-it-yourself elbow grease and creativity, one fan in Japan is taking things to new heights with a collection of impressive Lego creations--including an operational AR15 Rifle that fires off Lego bullets.

@giraffe__beer (great name, btw), is a self-described "person who makes guns from Legos" and recently posted this Lego weapon creation on Twitter. It's modeled after an AR15, and features a functional safety, quick-discharge magazine, flip-sight, and stock. The bullets it fires out are also Lego pieces. @giraffe_beer notes the popularity of another Lego creative trend--Lego Conveyor Belt Sushi, although this seems to be quite a shot in a different direction that that


Below is a full YouTube clip that shows off the rifle in more detail, along with some basic English explanation. It turns out the Lego AR15 even went on display at a school festival.

You can check out more Lego weaponry at the YouTube Channel, Giraffe Heavy Factory.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.