Waffles are the best breakfast food, and Japanese company Récolte has invented a new product to set that into stone.

This is Récolte’s bowl-shaped waffle maker, a revolutionary item that will forever change the way we eat waffles.


Source: Récolte

If you thought your ordinary slice was delicious, you’ll be mesmerized at the different variety of waffles you can create with this waffle maker.

The machine itself comes with 20 original recipes, all of which are super easy to make. You just pour in the batter and wait.


Source: Récolte

From savory to sweet, this machine pretty much covers every kind of dish you can possibly make with a waffle. And with all the variations, you can eat them at any time during the day!

Salad Waffles


Source: YouTube

Ice Cream Waffles


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You can even make waffle tacos. Who doesn’t love waffles and tacos?

You don’t even have to use the same old batter every time, either. Just switch up the ingredients and try an entire list of variation bowls!


Source: Récolte

The size of the bowls are customizable too, and you can control how big you want your waffle bowl by how much batter you pour in.

To get your own bowl-shaped waffle maker, just head on over to Amazon Japan. It can be yours for 7,560 yen (65 USD), which isn’t too expensive considering a lifetime of delicious waffles.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.