If you're a lover of both, the dilemma of choosing to grab a cup of tea or coffee can turn into a serious afternoon struggle. Fortunately, a wonderful bridge is being built between the two in the form of alcohol, as Suntory Spirits will be releasing a matcha flavored Kahlúa to help give your favorite coffee-liqueur cocktails a Japanese kick.

This with some creamy coffee boozy goodness!

Matcha, finely ground and powdered green tea, can be considered the gourmet of the green tea universe, and is sure to be a welcome twist to Kahlúa, which is actually enjoyed by many in Japan. You'll have to search long and hard to find an izakaya chain or karaoke box that doesn't offer the popular cocktail--Kahlúa Milk, which Suntory's press release notes is especially a hit with women in Japan. It's appeal is tied to the presence of another commonly enjoyed drink (non-alcoholic) in Japan, coffee milk (kohi-gyunuu, コーヒー牛乳), which is so popular few onsen (Japanese hot springs) trips are complete without it.


Source: Suntory

While we won't know for sure until March 1st, Suntory states that it will offer the rich body and sweetness of Kahlúa along with the aromatic flavor of matcha green tea. They were even so kind as to include two recommended cocktail recipes in their press release as well!

Kahlúa Matcha Milk: Simply mix one part Kahlúa Matcha with three parts milk (standard recipe for a Kahlúa Milk). Suntory recommends adding powdered matcha to taste, should you prefer a stronger green tea kick, otherwise they describe the drink as a full-bodied sweet cocktail, with the aroma of matcha.

Hot Kahlúa Matcha Soy Milk: Mix one part Kahlúa Matcha with three parts hot soy milk. Suntory recommends adding kinako (roasted soybean flour) powder to taste. If you don't have that on hand, cinnamon sounds like an interesting match, and this should make for a nice drink the relax with throughout the end of the Winter season.

My previous experimentation with Kahlúa and Japanese ingredients led me to believe that it goes very well with milk tea, and this appears as if it will as well. Although you might end up looking like a Tom Waits song by the time you finish--careful, it goes down smooth!

Kahlúa Matcha goes on sale March 1st in two sizes: 700ml (23.7 ounces) and 200ml (6.8 ounces), and are priced at 1,480 yen ($12.93 USD) and 780 yen ($6.80), respectively. At 20% alcohol, you can decide which size you prefer.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.