Chocolate bananas, those festival favorites; Normally, they're just made by coating a peeled banana with chocolate and putting it on a stick. This version flips the conventional type on its head, in a fun and easy way.

The promo video is fun as well! It's easy to make. Simply open a hole in the top of any regular unpeeled banana and insert chocolate cream! Voilá, your chocolate banana is complete!


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

Of course, you can put anything you like inside, from chocolate to jam or cream. As for me, I'd try it with yogurt or vanilla ice cream!

Another difference with the traditional festival food is that since the peel is left on, it's easy to take along with you, wherever you're going. It looks like the perfect thing to take to a picnic. The cream inside is a perfect match, making it easy and delicious to eat.

Try this new take on a festival favorite at home! Perfect as a present for kids, and for parties for grown-ups too!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.