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Japanese Top Artists Challenging The Telpehone Game

Have you ever played the telephone game? A game in which the first person is given a message then whispers the message to another, passed through a line of people until the last person announces the message to the entire group. A possible error in the message may cause the result to be different from the given message. In the end of the day, nobody wants to be the main cause who brings the team down.

The telephone game is quiet popular in Japan, in Japanese called “den-go game.” A card company implemented the game by having well-known illustration artists be the messengers. Each of them only have 1 minute to memorize the original promotion illustration (message), then draw it as similar enough as possible to not become the main failure. Although it may seem like just a game, a lot of responsibilities are hidden underneath the table.

The transportation company is promoting their IC PiTapa card.

Many great artists are participating in the game. They all have large reputations and great impact on the manga and art society. But even so, who will mislead the whole team?


[1st] JUNBOw

A lot of information was written, not sure if the person can remember everything.

Girl on right “After payment, no charge is needed!”

Ninja in middle “Similar to the benefits from shopping, transportation and buses too!”

Men on left “Usable score discount service.”

[2nd] Yamane Yoshitake

Hmmm... I think I know what to do about it...

Master in Old-fashioned art.

[3rd] Yurie Sekioya

Ahhh... this is tough, can’t remember anything.

Okay.. .many characters appeared and many things turn into anime. A Ninja becomes a bear, and what else? The train become bread.. or bread train? What is going on?

(The artist said he does not know how to draw a train, so he kinda... let it be bread instead.)

[4th] Ryo Fuji

Time is way too short as I thought, this is awful.

Even though he looked kinda worried, surprisingly, some things are back on track. At least, the animal characters are back to human, but a piano appeared!

[5th] Suzy Amakane

ahhhh... I know what to do.

Well... even though many things were not on track, there are still chances that things can go back to normal. Lets see....

A great art style that represents himself. Besides that, the ninja has been revived!! Hurray!! But the bread train is still remaining right there...

[6th] FuriKari

Looks like there are ninjas around...

Master in “Moe Artist.” Big eyes are one of the most important elements.

Yes you are right about the ninja! But wait a second... there is NO ninja in the picture besides cute girls!

[7th] Morida Masanori

What was it? Can’t remember anything...

Morida is a teenage manga artist. The opposite style from Furikari style.

Okay... quiet revolutionary. Before were girls, now there are mens...

[8th] Kotobuki Shiriagari

I really can’t remember anything!

Master in Rough drawing.

Wow really well-done! But how would the next person proceed from this...?

[9th] Katsuya Terada

hahahahaha!! Understand!

Even though there wasn't much information in the previous drawing, Katsuya still made us laugh without doubt with his SF style!

[10th] 100%ORANGE What do you think it is?

There is a lot of information... it isn't earth, isn't it?

The responded “No, it is earth.”

By - grape Japan editorial staff.