This mum from Singapore probably did not notice that she had created some unique bentos that many of us and other bento artists haven’t seen or thought of. The creations are widely range from Ghibli’s Totoro to America’s Ted, and even ninja turtles.

She started packing bentos when her children entered elementary school. Her boys were having a hard time adjusting to the longer hours at primary school, so she started packing them bentos along with lunch notes. After awhile of making cute bentos every school day, the process gradually became a hobby for her.

She published her bento book last year, a must-read if you want to make bento for your kids or scale up your bento styles.

Totoro Bread Buns

Panda Sushi

Cat Marshmallows In Matcha Latte

Disney Tsum Tsum Sushi

Ted Bread Buns

Cat Sushi

Totoro Chiffon Cake

Sleeping Rilakkuma Bento

Piggy Bread Roll

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Baymax Picnic Bento

Teddy Bear Match Affogato

The Little Prince Curry Rice

Stormtrooper & Bb8 Bento

Harry Potter Lunch

Pikachu Pasta

Pooh Bear & Friends Donuts

Baymax Matcha Pudding

Gudetama Pull-apart Bread Buns

Hot Dog Bread Bun

Minion Cold Noodles

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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