This video was a commercial for Isuzu's Gemini Mini 30 years ago. With such amazing, nestled-together driving techniques, you would probably suspect that is its all CG or synthesized.

However, there was no kind of technology like CG 30 years ago. So, you probably think it was synthesized, but it is very easy to catch that kind of technology from around that time, so it wasn’t synthesized either.

The truth is, this car stunt was performed by the Remy Julian Action Team, a stunt team that has done a number of car actions scenes for movies such as the “007” series.

This video is a commercial that came together through their complete collaboration. The original car action plan was created by them as well.

Further more, the pillar that was used in the subway platform scene that starts around the 4:28 mark, was originally promised to be returned to its original platform, but was demolished.

Nowadays, this video could easily be created with CG, but to be able to pull this off with out any CG or synthesizing, takes some amazing driving skills!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.