When Kids Run Out Of Battery… So Cute!

Kids never seem to stop, and they are always on full throttle. But then, once their energy level drops... Well, they stop. They stop very fast.

We have found a bunch of kids whose batteries have run flat. They are hilariously adorable.

When you are so fulfilled with food...

Just left a bag of snacks and this happens

He's asleep, but won't let go off the snack!

Out-of-the-blue expiry

Were you lost in a mountain?

I found a beautiful... flo...we...r...

Siesta. Right now.

From full throttle to out of gas

This happens straight after returning home

Dinosaur's tail on your nose...

Dropping out in style - how did you end up like that!?

A revolutionary way to use a chair

Ah... I think that's a bucket on your head

That's an ice-skating move. Talent found?

Again... How on earth did this happen?

So there you have it. There are so many people who "suffer" from so much cuteness from kids like these on Twitter.

Raising a kid is so hard, but we do it to meet this joy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.