Source: tokyo-skytreetown

Small Cat Paw-Shaped Sakura Sweets

If you don't know yet, cat’s paws are considered as extraordinary kawaii (cute) in Japan. Some of people even think cat’s paw contains a sunflower type of fresh smell, which is why a specific spray was launched to smell the same way a few months ago.

The mysterious cuteness of cat paws do not stop just here. Recently, a Japanese sweets shop Senjushuku Kitaya made adorable little cherry blossom paw treats as their main line product, with a sakura flavor filling on top.

They also made an advertisement with a cat wiping off a foggy windshield, so you can have a good view of lovely naked cat paw.

Meringue and sponge cake specialist éponge implemented the same cute concept, but having two paws inks sitting on the heart-shape sweet. These paws have a lemon chocolate taste with a slight sour flavor in it.

Both shops are around Tokyo's sky street and, while you can enjoy the sweet treats indoors, you can also take them away and walk underneath the cherry blossoms.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.