Just because Japanese marriage certificates have to be submitted to a government office, doesn’t mean they have to look drab and boring. That’s why specially designed marriage certificates have become increasingly popular among young couples, and are making all the official paperwork as memorable as they could possibly be.

The standard marriage certificates are available for free at government offices or online, and look something like this:

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But forget that. Japanese company Design Loveratory for Marriage Paperworks is making custom-made, one-of-a-kind marriage certificates for all couples planning to tie the knot.

Couples can choose from a wide selection of designs, from those featuring personal photos to ones with popular characters. Prices range from around 2,000 yen (17.72 USD) to over 10,000 yen (88.61 USD), the more expensive ones using Swarovski crystals as part of the decoration.

These are the current top 3 designs:

#1. Sailor Moon Romance Wedding

#2. One Piece

#3. Sailor Moon Moonlight Kiss

If you’re not willing to dish out real money for marriage certificates, they periodically post designs that you can download for free.

They also make custom-made birth certificates for families wanting to commemorate the birth of their child in a unique way. All of the birth certificates are available for 1,150 yen (10.19 USD)

The downside to these certificates is that since they need to be submitted, you won’t be able to keep them. If you’re looking to hang them up on a wall or save them in an album, you can fill out and submit the ordinary certificates instead, and keep the specially designed ones for yourself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.