Few things are more reassuring than the knowing smiling face of a Shiba Inu, but their strong sense of companionship may be their most adorable trait. While they can be fairly independent, once they make a friendly, they become fiercely loyal to them. This Shiba in Japan named Chame-kun, however, maybe be taking things to another level.

The short but sweet video begins with a stuffed Shiba toy crying out for help (the Japanese at the beginning of the video reads "I can't move! Somebody help me!"), and when Chame-kun hears this he comes scampering to try and rescue the troubled toy, who seems to be trapped in some sort of dog tent. After pawing in worry to try and push the toy to freedom, Chame-kun engineers a daring jailbreak--rushing around from behind and dragging the toy to safety--where he continues to worriedly check on it.

Fittingly, the video is titled "Chame, the Shiba Inu who gives love even to toy Shiba Inu."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.