A Japanese breed Shiba is now popular across the globe. They are smart-looking when they grow up, but they are so adorable when they are puppies.

This Shiba puppy is Momo. Because she loves her owner so much, she moves around the owner wherever he goes.

The way Momo moves with her little legs behind her daddy is so adorable!


Source: YouTube

2 years passed by when the following video was taken.

Momo is now a mature dog, but still very much in love with her daddy. However, now there is someone that disrupts their ties!

Meet Ten-kun, a kitten who has newly joined the family.

Whenever Momo and her dad is having fun, Ten comes in out of the blue.


Source: YouTube

"Hey! Let me join in!"

Ten doesn't seem to want to be left out of the circle. He looks visibly dissatisfied!


Source: YouTube

When Momo was a puppy, she was so dependent on her daddy, but now, she is dependable and able to look after her younger brother!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.