It's hard enough to crush an electric guitar performance itself, but when you've got tiny fingers and the guitar is often bigger than you, then the odds really get stacked against you. Fortunately, budding electric guitar prodigy and Japanese elementary school student Li-sa-X has been getting used to that for a while, and it shows in this new commercial where she masterfully rocks out with debit card as her guitar pick.


Source: YouTube

Li-sa-X has been blowing minds and gaining fans with brilliant and intricate performances online, some of which were done as young as the age of 7. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to give her talent a brighter spotlight, and that's why she is appearing in a new online commercial for ""JNB VisaDebitCard" (Japan Net Bank). This isn't just her first commercial, but also her first time ever playing with a live band. It was also definitely her first time playing with a debit card--which she won't be able to officially use until she turns 15!

In a Facebook post she writes that she was a little intimidated by all the headbanging people, but that they treated her very kindly and that she had a pleasant filming experience. The video description calls the song a lullaby, but we don't think anybody is headed to sleep after that.

If you're interested in some of her other performances, be sure to check out her official YouTube channel, where you can see some awesome performances like the few below.

9 years old

8 years old

10 years old


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.