IPPUDO (一風堂) is one of the most popular Japanese ramen restaurants, specializing in Hakata-style ramen and filling up hungry stomachs all over the world. They currently have 58 locations outside of Japan in 13 different countries and regions, and recently they’ve added a new one to the list.

Their newest overseas location is IPPUDO Saint-Germain in Paris, France. It’s IPPUDO’s first restaurant in France, and their second in Europe. It just opened on February 19th, and from what we’ve heard so far, it sounds glorious.


Source: PR Times

First of all, they have:

Really stylish uniforms.

The theme of the design is “Red.” The uniforms were designed by Mihara Yasuhiro, and features beige jackets, aprons, and a red bandana.


Source: PR Times

Of course, they have an amazing menu.

In addition to the standard menu, IPPUDO Saint-Germain has added menus using French ingredients. For example, Tori Shoyu uses the broth of chicken raised in France, and Veggie is made from a broth of mushrooms, fennel, and other vegetables.


Source: PR Times

And not just food menus, either.

This location has booze, including wine, champagne, and Japanese sake. What more could we possibly want?

Oh, maybe some VIP rooms.

No one in Japan would probably be able to fathom the idea of a VIP room existing in the back of a ramen restaurant. But IPPUDO Saint-Germain is breaking down this image, adding some fancy flair to their location. We must say, it goes well with their concept of “Maison du Ramen Premium” (“house of premium ramen”).

IPPUDO Saint-Germain is being run by the same team that previously led IPPUDO New York to its number one spot on Yelp back in 2010. Which basically means, we have high expectations for this new location, and it’s definitely a must-try for anyone in Paris!


Source: PR Times


Source: PR Times


Source: PR Times


Source: PR Times

By - grape Japan editorial staff.