Just recently, we showed you the cat-lover and lazy-man jumpsuit from Japan that lets you cuddle with your cat while acting like one. If you're a lazy girl with no need for a cat-kangaroo pouch, don't fret--the same company is now releasing jumpsuit pajama for girls who just want to lounge around and do nothing at home.

It's time to get lazy!


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Much like the Mewgaroo, it is a spin off of the Bibi Lab's Dame-Gi, and is called the Dame-Gi-Chan. "Dame" translates to "no-good", and is referring to being no-good by just lounging around doing nothing all day. "Gi" means "wear", and "chan" is a suffix commonly used for girls. Together they spell out the ultimate in lazy room wear that covers the entire body (even the face), that girls can sleep, eat, and even go to the bathroom in while wearing. While it's specifically marketed toward girls, the suit can be enjoyed by anybody as the only true requirement is a desire for comfort, and perhaps a lack of willpower.

So how is it especially a fit for girls? Well, this particular variation of the Dame-Gi sports a few features that specifically cater to females.

Holes for pig-tails and pony-tails, an eye-mask for sleeping, and special heating for your nose and ears.


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Just like the Mewgaroo, there is a "toilet system" that lets you use the restroom while still in the suit!


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The chest area is also double-layered to remove need for a bra.


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Stretch-ability makes it as comfy as your own skin.


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Which means it's perfect for its desired use.


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You can also easily combine it with the Mewgaroo for a lazy cat aesthetic!


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And hey, in the worst case scenario you could just make awesome poses in it.


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Those looking to purchase can check out both Amazon and Rakuten where the Dame-Gi-Chan is available for 7,045 yen ($62.93 USD). Check out this video below to get a good look at the jumpsuit in all its no-good glory.

To lethargy...


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...and beyond!


Source: Source: Bibilab

By - grape Japan editorial staff.