Bob, a French bulldog, is very cute and deeply loved by his owner.


Source: YouTube

The owner was curious what Bob would do inside the house while he was out, so he decided to put up a camera in his house. The result of that was a really surprising video.

Bob came down the stairs and first went into the living room. He sat down on a chair, and amazingly started reading the newspaper!


Source: YouTube

After taking a quick glance at the news, it seemed like he was hungry, so he took the jerky for dogs from the table and headed to the kitchen. He put the jerky in the blender, and—can you believe it—switched it on!


Source: YouTube

Maybe Bob didn't like like tough jerky, since he tastefully started eating the blended jerky. When the owner came home, Bob quickly hid the evidence in the sink, and came meeting his owner with a wagging tail.


Source: YouTube

Ms. Ukaji suddenly falls down in this video, and this Shop Japan new commercial became a popular topic as a Wonder Core commercial for training the abs. It seemed like such a natural movement, so it's really surprising when he picks up the blender.

In reality, Bob didn't actually use the blender. Because that would be dangerous of course!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.