Packing a suitcase up at the last minute under stress is never a fun idea, and sometimes we wish we could just wheel what we have in our house out the the airport, just like that. Now, thanks to Japanese furniture designer Yukou Yamaguchi, that may just be a reality. He's designed beautiful and traditional Japanese storage cabinets that you can wheel around as a suitcase.


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"Tansu" is traditional storage chests and cabinetry in Japan, originally introduced in the 1600's to store food and firewood. It gradually became more popular and ubiquitous in the Japanese home. Today they are valued by collectors as classic and ornate antiques, but a furniture designer from Fukui Prefecture in Japan is remodeling them for travel with artistic flavor.

Each cabinet comes with a key for secure outdoor use and travel


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After graduating from University, Yamaguchi found himself working at a construction equipment manufacturer. However, he felt uncomfortable and dissatisfied with ultimately having other people build things for him. He wanted to craft things with his own hands, so he returned to his hometown of Echizen, and began to familiarize himself with the local art of crafting Echizen Tansu. Armed with a new set of skills and a passion for building things with his own hands, Yamaguchi made his own furniture studio, where he crafts custom-made items.

Forget packing, just grab your cabinet and wheel it out


Source: YouTube

It's a slight departure from tradition that is gaining him some newfound attention, however, as he is using his skills in Echizen Tansu crafting to make a fashion item. Using traditional tansu woods and techniques, he's made a lightweight tansu cabinet that doubles as a suitcase for travel purposes. While craftsmen in the old days certainly never their work being wheeled around in airports or train stations, Yamaguchi tells the Asahi Shinbun that "I hope these carry bags can become known as an icon of Echizen Tansu."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.