One of the best things about LINE is the myriad stamps you can bombard your friends with. Who hasn’t sent a hoard of stamps to an innocent friend just for the heck of it, or found themselves in the middle of a never-ending stamp war?

Now you can add a series of some downright horrifying LINE stamps to your collection.

The protagonist of these stamps is an Okiku Doll. The Okiku Doll is a mysterious doll that was supposedly possessed by the spirit of a child, and urban legend has it that the doll’s short hair had grown to her waist with no plausible explanation. Even when her hair was cut, it kept growing. She is currently displayed at the Mannnenji Temple in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Scared yet? Don’t worry, the stamps are actually far less terrifying than the urban legend.

There are 3 parts to the series, all of which are currently available for 120 yen (1.07 USD). Despite the pretty creepy images, many of the captions are contrastingly happy and positive. The Okiku Doll can even be seen smiling in some of the images, and she genuinely looks rather cute.


Source: LINE Store

Even if you or the recipient of these stamps can’t read Japanese, most of them are just images, so you’ll have plenty of caption-free stamps to choose from. There are festive stamps for the holidays, too, with English captions.

But still, a lot of them are scary-looking enough to give most people nightmares. Just make sure that when you send them, you do to someone who isn’t easily spooked, or at least someone who will forgive you for scaring the bejeezus out of them.

See all the stickers and download them here!


Source: LINE Store


Source: LINE Store

By - grape Japan editorial staff.