Aoshima, or "Cat Island", as it has come to be known, is one of Japan's remote areas populated by adorable animals that have become extremely popular with Japanese and foreign visitors alike. The island actually has more felines running around on it than humans, and so the need for cat food is a lot greater than other stray-cat populated areas in Japan. While tourists love to visit and feed the enormous kitty clan, it can be tough for caretakers to handle the rest, as the island lacks proper shops for cat food. Located 13.5 kilometers from Nagahama port, restocking on food means travel is required to properly keep the cats fed. I mean, just look at them!


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So when food supplies were running dangerously low, a desperate caretaker sent out a Tweet asking for help from anyone who could support them.

"Please send cat food to Aoshima. We are quickly running out of cat food.

Aoshima Cat Protection Association

52 Aoshima, Nagahama-cho, Ozu-shi, Ehime Prefecture 799-3470

Kamimoto Naoko

If you need our phone number, please contact us privately."

While nothing rallies the more kindhearted members of the internet like a cat in need, the gravity of the situation on Aoshima may not have been fully understood by everyone, as the tough reality of survival often gets masked by its cute image. This case seemed to be particularly urgent.

"Please understand the situation in Aoshima.

There are no stores on Aoshima where we can purchase food. We don't even have vending machines.

We get our necessities to live by taking a boat to the mainland.

The strong Winter winds have caused boat services to be continually canceled, however."

As you can see by the dates of the Twitter posts, Aoshima received a swift outpouring of support and concern for the hungry kitties.

Today I will be headed to Aoshima.

More than 40 packages are going to be delivered.

Thank you so much everyone, for your support!

Thank you for so much support.

Currently, we cannot fit any more cat food in the storage area, and so we are putting them in the waiting area.

Under current conditions, we have enough food to last us until the end of March. So please don't send anymore for now.

Thank you very much.

But even a plea to stop helping can't stop the inexorable tide of love the people in Japan have for kitties in need!

Please stop sending support (cat treats and food) to Aoshima.

We received far more support than we ever expected, and have run out of room to store the food. We'll be all right until April. Everyone, thank you very much.

Even so, Aoshima's cats are really popular!

The term "faith in humanity restored" gets tossed around the internet rather lightly these days, and maybe how we attach it to the simplest things is more indicative of how accustomed we are to poor human behavior than anything else. However, there's something remarkably heartwarming about the immediate response to cats in need of help on an island. Maybe they'll never know it, but they are clearly cared for as more than just a tourist attraction! Good job, humans.

Now kitties like this can rest easy!


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.