YouTube has a lot of cooking channels introducing Japanese recipes, but none are quite like Cooking with Dog.

Francis is the canine host of this channel, teaming with a mysterious Japanese chef whose name still remains unknown to viewers. The premises of their shows are simple — a human chef cooks, while Francis narrates and watches from the countertop.

But Francis is known to dabble in some cooking himself. Though he may not be as dexterous as the human chef, he has no problems mixing up a green smoothie every now and again.

The best part about stepping up to the role of “canine chef” is getting to sneak in a few bites (or in this case, licks) of whatever menu is being cooked up in the kitchen. Neither being host nor chef is an easy job, however, and sometimes Francis gets sleepy and is caught closing his eyes for a few moments. Not to worry, though — no matter how close he gets to dozing off, he’ll still plow through his narrations. He’s a professional, after all.

These cooking shows on Cooking with Dog has actually been available on YouTube since 2007. We almost can’t believe that not everyone on the planet is referring to Francis and his pals for recipes of home-cooked Japanese food, but until that happens, they’ll kindly continue posting shows regularly for all of their current fans.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.