“I’ve been doing some wire crafting lately, come over and I’ll show you.”

These were the words Japanese Twitter user @samasamanga's 80-year-old grandfather casually said when he invited his grandson over to his house. Apparently, he had recently taken up wire crafting as a new hobby, and @samasamanga visited him thinking he would just be seeing a few simple projects he had done in his free time.

But when he stepped into his house, he was astounded by what he saw.

My grandpa told me he’s recently been into wire crafting, and showed me his projects. They were way more incredible than I expected... These are all made out of wire...


Source: @samasamanga


Source: @samasamanga


Source: @samasamanga

The masterpieces included battleships and toseinin (yakuza-like gamblers) wearing conical hats, and were extremely detailed and absolutely marvelous. Having worked in the Maritime Self-Defense Forces when he was younger, @samasamanga’s grandfather is particularly meticulous when it comes to creating wire ships.


Source: @samasamanga


Source: @samasamanga


Source: @samasamanga

Pretty much now a museum, the artistry of the works completely caught the young visitor off guard.

“I can’t believe I just now found out how skilled my grandpa is...”

But he was astounded, and couldn’t help tweeting all his grandfather’s projects.

Found more of his wire art!

There’s A LOT more, actually. Will take more pictures next time I visit!

Despite having started wire crafting as a hobby, it’s safe to say that this grandfather is now a full-fledged wire artist. It just goes to show that it’s never too late to let the artist in you bloom.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.