Revolving or conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, known as kaitenzushi (回転寿司) in Japan, have started to take a hold around the world as a trendy way to enjoy sushi. In Japan many big sushi chain restaurants offer it as a quick and cheap way to get your sushi fix. However you enjoy wolfing down sushi as it travels around you, toy manufacturer Mega House is giving a way for sushi-lovers to take their revolving Japanese food experience home with them, by introducing the Daikaiten! Sushi Maru Sushi Maker.

The Daikaiten! Sushi Maru Sushi Maker is a home sushi making set that offers a cute and certainly unique way to throw a sushi party with your friends. While you don't need much help for making temaki sushi at home, this crafty set will lend you a helpful paw in putting together nigiri and gunkan sushi with a literal twist.

It's broken down into four steps, which you can get ready by preparing six revolving sushi capsules:

1. Place your desired topping (neta) tightly inside the capsule.

2. Using the sushi rice (shari) spoon, you can scoop and place the perfect amount of rice under your topping.

Now, instead of having to manually shape your sushi and press it together, which can affect the taste negatively if not done properly, you simply enclose your sushi capsule by placing a plastic plate on the bottom of the sushi. The final step is simply to push down on the feline sushi chef in the center, who will trigger a spinning and revolving motion, using centrifugal-kitty force to press your topping and rice tightly together.

While these cutely pressed sushi may seem a bit small, the spinning capsule system allows for you to quickly whip out quite the menu of nigiri sushi.

If nigiri isn't your thing, the set's spoon is also helpful in making gunkan sushi, so you can get your seaweed fix as well.

Just load up the spoon with a wrapping of seaweed, and add the appropriate amount of rice.

Then squeeze down with the gunkan sushi stamp...

...before adding your favorite topping!

And whip up your favorite gunkan sushi menu for friends.

The Daikaiten! Sushi Maru Sushi Maker is set to retail at 3,980 yen ($35.27 USD) when it goes on sale at the end of March. Aside from the sushi capsules, cat-chef, and revolver, the set has pairs of sushi rice scoopers and gunkan sushi stamps.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.