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The Perfect Jump Hug Pokemon Pillow

The widely-known Pikachu is not the only Pokemon in the Pokemon world, there are many other Pokemons that are just as interesting if we take a closer look.

The superbly big Pokemon Snorlax pillow is categorized as a sleeping Pokemon, sized 150cm length and 130cm width, large enough for a good time nap. Besides that, the stomach is designed with a 60cm height as a squeezable cushion, you can just jump right towards Snorlax and ask for a big warm hug.

The Snorlax is rarely seen or used in the Pokemon world, but Bandai sees that every Pokemon should be equally noticed, they made him as an image of a bed because its unqiue characteristic. In the story, Snorlax usually appeared as a hard to remove “roadblock.”

While you are happily with your friends overcoming various different challenging adventures, this super-size sleepy Pokemon would sometimes incidentally ruin your trip. He lays fully down with arms widely opened on the entire road, and simply sleeps all day. There is really not much what you can do about it, besides staring at him snoring in sleep.

As you might think this sleeping Pokemon is lazy and weak, but from many game media says it is “by far the most powerful Pokemon of all.” Snorlax has been said to weigh over 1,000 pounds and for a time was considered the heaviest known Pokemon. We are glad Bandai made this unpopular but outstanding status Pokemon came down to become everyone’s hugging cushion, plus hybrid bed.

The massive stuffed Pokemon Snorlax is for 52,000yen (US $460), with shipping scheduled for August. The longer you are on his stomach, the longer you would never want to wake up.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.