You can count on the Japanese to celebrate every holiday that they find out about, and Easter seems to be the next big thing. But considering Japan is not what you would call a largely religious country, it was probably the colorful assortment of pastel eggs and bunnies that must have captured most of the hearts of high-spirited shoppers.

Hopping onto the bandwagon of Easter celebration goods is Fujiya, a Japanese confectionary and cafe chain known for its famous mascot character, Peko-chan. This year, they’ve collaborated with Sanrio to make awesomely delicious Easter-themed desserts featuring Gudetama.

If you haven’t heard of Gudetama, it’s one of the laziest Sanrio characters you’ll ever meet.

An uncooked yolk that’s unenthusiastic about having to do anything in life (basically all of us), Gudetama has become explosively popular worldwide. And with that face and lazy demeanor, who wouldn’t love it?

Gudetama: Everyone needs to chill out.

Fujiya’s Gudetama Easter desserts include the Gudetama Pudding and the Easter Gudetama Roll Cake. Colorful and adorably chill, these treats are adorned with Gudetama characters wearing bunny ears and carefree smiles. They will be available for a limited time starting March 4th at Fujiya stores across the country.


Source: Fujiya


Source: Fujiya

The Gudetama Pudding will sell for 180 yen (1.58 USD), while the roll cakes can be yours to devour for 880 yen (7.72 USD). The pudding will have 10 different packages to choose from while the cakes will have six different packages, so there’s something for everyone!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.