Source: farmkuchen

Pink Strawberry Cake In Its Testing Form

Japan has many high-quality fruits. The offering prices are often higher than the U.S, but it has some incomparable good flavor, and the right amount of sweet that doesn’t feel too sugary. Of course, the Fuji Apple is one of the fruit icons in Japan, the other second to none fruit is Strawberry.

In Ibaraki prefecture, Fukasaku farm recently released this gemstone of a cake made with their farm-grown strawberries. They also own an open-kitchen cake shop that specializes in baumkuchen, a cylindrical cake with layers resembling tree rings. The tree ring type of cake is originally from Germany, and has long been a popular cake in Japan.

The new cake offers the treat of every part being made from strawberry, even the shape itself looks like a strawberry. Other than being the largest growing strawberry farm in Japan, they produce strawberry puree for specific use for their cakes. The center core is filled with a soft strawberry paste, and the surface is coated with the same strawberry puree mix with bits of chocolate to recreate the texture of an actual strawberry. Between these two layers are an 11-layered baumkuchen that contains puree made from their naturally grown strawberries.



The cake is priced at 2,400 yen (US$21) and is available at their Farmkuchen Fukusaku shop or their online shop. If you ask for an outstanding cake with all the strawberry ingredients in a nutshell, then there you have it!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.