By now we’re used to vending machines in Japan selling everything from drinks to daily commodities, but time and time again we learn of a new kind that makes us want to go try it out. Luckily for travelers, Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) has a handful of unique vending machines offering you an airport experience outside of the usual passport checks and baggage claims.

Here are 5 vending machines you’ll for sure want to look out for next time you’re at Haneda Airport:

The one that makes latte art drinks.

Thought only people could make latte art? Turns out vending machines aren’t so bad at it, either. These latte art drinks can be found at the resting area of gift shop YOJIYA. This is actually the first vending machine in Japan that can draw latte art! You can buy a drink for just 200 yen (1.77 USD).

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The one where you can buy dashi in a can.

Dashi is one of the most essential ingredients in Japanese cuisine, and as many of you may already know, it’s quite delicious. Now you can have it in a can all to yourself, and savor the full flavor of refined dashi, made by mentaiko producer Yamaya.

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The one that sells specialty goods from Toyama Prefecture.

We don’t know why there’s a vending machine specifically for items from Toyama Prefecture, but we’ll appreciate specialty goods from any region any time. This one sells smoked squid and shrimp ochazuke (a simple dish of rice and tea), among other delectables.

The one offering Ema.

Ema are small wooden plaques on which Shinto worshippers write prayers and wishes. They are hung next to shrines, where the gods are believed to receive them. And while Haneda Airport is no shrine, you can still buy a plaque from a vending machine (because why not?), write your wish, and hang it inside the airport.

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The one with the taste of home.

Okay, this one might not be at all special for a lot of people coming from outside of Japan, but it apparently is for the Japanese. It’s one of the newer types of vending machines you occasionally see at fast food restaurants, serving over 100 different drinks with just a touch of the screen. As a tourist it might be something familiar in an unfamiliar country, but for many Japanese people, it’s another neat glimpse into what people are used to using outside of Japan. This one can be found on the B1 Floor of Terminal 2, inside the HOT DOG CAFE.

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The best part about Haneda Airport is that you don’t even have to have a flight booked to enjoy all the wonderful services they have to offer. In fact, many people simply visit the airport for the plethora of unique shops and restaurants. And with these vending machines, spending time at this much-loved airport has become that much more fun.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.