When A Guide Dog Bleeds On The Train…

Just like in many other countries, Japanese law permits guide dogs to enter public transport as well as shops.

These dogs are trained to prioritize the safety of his or her partner, and are never swayed by people who offer treats.

They are also trained not to bark or make noise; and so they often endure pain, as sometimes people accidentally step on their feet.


This story is about a tweet talking about a bleeding guide dog on the train, which went viral.

"Please, let's help the poor dogs together"

This post was posted by @Y_suzushirO, who noticed a guide dog's unusual behavior on the train.

I saw a person with a guide dog on an express train. The guide dog kept on licking his foot. When I looked carefully, his nail was broken, with blood oozing out. Because the train was packed, someone probably stepped on his foot by accident. If you ever see a situation like this, please help a poor dog out.

For the nail to break, someone must of stepped on him pretty hard. Finding out about this tweet, a blind person asked @Y_suzushirO whether the person with the guide dog was notified of the injury. To this, @Y_suzushirO replied:

Yes he noticed. I did let him know just in case; then he tried to help the guide dog.

Furthermore, @Y_suzushirO got off the train at the same station and took the blind person to the station office.

I took the two to the station office, because I was worried that the dog's injury might cause problems later on. As far as I can tell, the dog was able to walk okay.

Look out for gentle helpers beneath you

Guide dogs are important pal and a part of the family for the disabled person.

When they are doing their job, make sure you do not touch them, or try and give them treats. This seemingly-kind gesture may actually affect the safety of the guide dog and the disabled.

nozomu furuyaさん(@furun)が投稿した写真 -

A guide dog at work. On a full train, they even get out at each station to let others get in and out of the train, and hops right back on once the coast is clear. He even navigates through complex transit in a station that is harder for us humans to navigate. I will definitely donate for these wonderful dogs.

The sight of a guide dog working hard is wonderful to watch, but a little sad, when we think about how tough the job is. So whenever you see a guide dog in trouble, let the disabled person know and offer a helping hand.

Knowledge about guide dogs are not widespread enough in Japan, so people try and pat or even tease these hardworking dogs. We hope that society will understand and treat these fantastic dogs appropriately.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.