When you say theme park, many would say "rides". But one ride in Japan gives you the thrill that you never experienced before.

The ominous "Sky Cycle" in Okayama

"Washuzan Highland" is a theme park located in Kurashiki, Okayama.

Apart from standard roller coaster and other scary rides, Washuzan Highland also features one of the scariest rides, but in the way you don't expect!

Shots taken from Sky Cycle at Washuzan Highland. Fall prevention measures are minimal. I'm not sure how they maintain these rails... If you want to cycle 16 meters above ground, give this a shot!

This is the infamous Sky Cycle... Going around curves is super scary! My oldest son told me to ride as fast as possible; he pushed the pedal so fast I couldn't keep up.

In this ride, you hop on a bicycle-like vehicle attached to rails. Just looking at the picture alone makes you scared... Not because of the ride itself, but because we are unsure if the vehicle is going to stay on rails!

Now let's look at Sky Cycle in action...

Here the creaks... and scream!

Great view, but according to the people who's been on it say:

All you get is one seat belt

The train sways

Brakes don't make the thing stop.

And if you are too scared to pedal while you are in the middle of the ride, rest assured. The vehicle behind you will push you back to exit lol

If you are ever in Okayama, why don't you give this ride a shot? You might actually get addicted to the sort of fear that is different to those you get in usual theme-park rides.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.