I went to a well-known family sushi chain restaurant Hamasushi, a place where you can find friendly cheap prices of sushi for 100 yen (US $0.88), 2 freshly-made sushi on one plate. I knew most Japanese sushi restaurants set high standards to serve their sushi, but never knew it could come down to this drink...

Here it comes... The round green object coming from the back, waiting for my pick-up.




A coconut drink that was not from a juice box, but an actual coconut... In a second, I felt I was at the beach.



I thought the food proportion was smaller in Japan, but apparently I’m wrong..



At that time, it was hard to persuade myself that I am in a sushi restaurant, but anyway, the coconut tasted quite fresh as the appearance did speak for itself, but joining it with sushi probably isn’t the best combination. If you are a coconut-lover, probably this may be doable for you, with a little higher cost of 390 yen per coconut.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.