Declining invitations can be a bit of a pressure sometimes, as you have to tick or circle "NO" yourself; you feel like you are rejecting or denying your acquaintance.

An invitation card posted by a Twitter user in Japan shows the organizer's strong will for everyone to attend the event:

To the left is "YES", and to the right is "NO". The instruction for this invitation card is for people to "draw an index finger [to indicate whether you are attending or not attending]". Considering how index finger is attached to the hand, it is a challenge to point to "NO".

Online competition to figure out how we can point to "NO"

Social network is a perfect place to come up with great answer to this riddle. Check some of the humorous answers people had come up with!

Right hand is there just to support the left hand

Should I say yes, or should I say no...

Tough choice, don't you think?

If there is will, there is a way

Let the organizer know how much you don't want to be there.

How about "NO"

Refuse to succumb to their way of doing things.

Forget making decisions... Rock-paper-scissors time!

Invitation? What invitation? We're busy playing a game here.

Actually, it's an online form

Click confirm to decline. As easy as that.

I really wanted to attend, but someone broke my finger...

It wasn't my choice.

Who said it's a hand?

Think outside the box.

Affirmative: I'm not attending!

Use superpowers to destroy the "YES" choice altogether

No need to choose if there is no choice to begin with!<.p>

But other Twitter users "resurrected" the choice!

Ok. Will use another finger!

The revenge of the "YES"... Ok now we give up.

This invitation card turns out to be a nightmare. I bet it will make many of us give up, attend the event and get it over and done with.

Apparently, this invitation was sent from an Art school in Japan (Musashino Art University). I guess soon-to-be artists must have good imagination, even for something as mundane as invitation cards.

There is one good reason to attend this school in that case! Click below if you want to know a bit more about the school:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.