They say that a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and Senri Hankyu Hotel and Hotel Hankyu Expo Park are hoping that their new 桜MOCHI (Sakura MOCHI) will grab the attentions of hungry visitors from all over the world.

Sakura MOCHI was produced and made by talented pastry chef Hideki Kubota, the 2004 winner of the gold medal of the Culinary Olympics (International Exhibition of Culinary Art). This beautiful new dessert represents the collaboration between Japan and the West through the marriage of traditional Japanese mochi and the western-style sponge cake hidden inside.


Source: atpress

It’s made from four layers of sweet, fragrant components that will bring the refined taste of spring right to your tastebuds. Sponge cake is used as the base, and on top of that are added layers of strawberry gelée , a mousse made of azuki beans, and Gyūhi mochi.

The Senri Hankyu Hotel and Hotel Hankyu Expo Park have both seen an increase in the number of international tourists using their facilities, with numbers doubling from April 2015 to December 2015. The Sakura MOCHI was made in hopes to encourage more tourists from abroad to visit, and to welcome them with the seasonal sweet.

The mochi has been on sale since March 1st, and will be available until April 30th for 430 yen (3.78 USD). If you happen to be visiting Japan during this beautiful spring season, make sure you go grab one!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.