Source: PR Times

Stay Constantly Adorable With This Cat Scarf!

Scarfs could be more creative if someone put a little effort in adding some extra features around it.

Japanese brand Felissimo focuses on making creative cat-themed products in that way. And this time, they are offering a scarf that makes you look so adorable that you would not want to take if off, even at home.

The latest cat scarf features a cat ear hoody and mittens to keep not just your neck, but also your head and hands warm. A jacket may not be necessary if you own a cat scarf.

Furthermore, the ears on the hood can be tucked in and hidden, which means you will look extra adorable on the go anytime, anywhere, no matter what type of dress code the occasion calls for.

For those cat lovers out there, don’t miss out on the chance of having a cat scarf in your closet. You can grab the black ones here or the brown ones here. A good addition even you are on going on a date with your sweetheart.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.