"I saw a golden retriever left stranded outside our pet shop. We waited for the owner for two weeks, but no one appeared."

Heartless owner of this dog must have abandoned him. When the above message was sent to an animal welfare NPO "Love Five", a staff went to see the dog straight away.

Wounded heart

When a "Love Five" staff arrived at the scene, the dog was enclosed in a cage, exposing his teeth. The dog sees people as threats.

Golden retrievers are known for their friendly temperament. But when you treat them poorly, even the sweetest dog can turn into poor frightened soul.

However, Staff of "Love Five" did not give up: they tried to bring love back to the dog, so that he will find a new family that will give the dog all the love that he deserves.

Few weeks later...

Perseverance prevailed: the frightful dog is now so happy, with his tails swinging and really relaxed!

This was probably the character he had in him all along.

Although it is hard to forget about the heartless owner who had hurt him so deeply, we are hopeful that he will soon meet a new caring family.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.