A TV commercial by a beauty clinic that was airing locally in south of Japan is becoming popular on the net.

The story of the commercial is about a husband who is crushed by a giant rock, and a wife who is desperate to get the rock off him.


Source: YouTube

"Thanks for everything..." Husband's given up hope, while his wife cries in devastation.

So she decides to pray...

Her prayers are answered, as god descends from above.

God: I shall grant you one wish
Husband: I'm saved!
Wife: My love!

A happy end on its way? With sparkles in her eyes, the wife asks god this wish:

I want my skin to look like I'm 20!


Source: YouTube

Even a deer nearby is stunned!

Having beautiful skin is more important than the life of her husband, huh. Glad this was just a TV commercial!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

エステWAM 新TVCM 「ひとつの望み 篇」  60秒.Ver