Many people think anime is a great place to live, as myself and this strong group of swordsmiths. In most days, they focus on forging different weapons like swords and guns, combining best methods and materials with their flawless complicated techniques. But in their free time, they do anime lovers and themselves a favor, by forging fictional weapons into real life. Of course, the sword not only can swing, but also can slice through hard objects.

This time, they want to forge a weapon that they have been wanting to for a long time, Asuna's Rapier from a big hit anime called Sword Art Online (SAO). It is a beautiful story that takes place in the near future and focuses on virtual reality multi-player game playing.


Using a Japanese forging hammer they begin the process, properly measuring thickness and even overlays. The key addition is creating the bevel on the edge, the detail in the anime that always glimmers and shines while defeating various levels of enemies.


They use one of the most proper blade steels - W2 blade steel 0.98 -1% carbon. Indeed, it is a good material, but the downside is the heat temperature needs to be carefully watched. If the blade is over heated, it may easily ruin the shape.

Forming the sword cup, fabrics and gemstone

Anime swords mostly feature a lot of magical fabrics. They form the white sword cup, make lots of fabrics, and even seal the ocean blue color of gemstone towards the end.

Only a true swordsmith and anime lover can be able to accomplish these detailed tasks. Thanks to them, an Asuna's Rapier weapon just came down to earth. For those who are interested in their creation process, feel free to visit their YouTube channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

Asuna's Rapier (Sword Art Online) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED