Monkey see, monkey do. Cat see...hamster do? We're not sure what the appropriate spin on that age-old adage would be in this instance, but one thing is for sure: this cat has learned an adorable habit after studying their hamster friend everyday!

A Japanese Twitter user, @pyonpyon_chang, recently posted a picture of their pet cat, who has a habit of jumping on top of their hamster companion. According to the Tweet, this is a daily routine where the cat intently gazes at the hamster. While you may think the cat is just feasting its eyes and fantasizing about a bite-size meal, it appears that perhaps the cat had different intentions after all.

Another Twitter user asked commented on the photo, speculating that the cat just really wanted to play with the hamster. So after catching the cat doing something funny in the laundry room, @pyonpyon_chang replied with the video below, saying, "After that, this happened lol"

Yep, the cat was inspired by daily observations of its tiny furball friend to run around in the washer like a hamster in its wheel. So perhaps at the root of the feline's daily hamster-watching was a bit of jealousy regarding the hamster's favorite pastime. No need to be jealous, cat, all you need to do is run free and you can unleash the inner-hamster in all of us.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.