Anyone who has spent Sunday mornings trying to make a beautiful pancake, only to end up with a lopsided, slightly burnt piece of cooked, tasteless batter, will understand the unparalleled joy of sitting down with a stack of perfectly made pancakes.

But if you’re in Tokyo, all you have to do is visit one cafe in Ginza where they will give you the most beautiful, perfectly shaped pancakes you’ll ever see in your entire life.

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These pancakes are made at Ginza West Aoyama Garden, one of the Ginza West locations in Tokyo. The Aoyama location itself has been selling confectionery for almost 50 years, going through a renovation and reopening its doors back in 2008. The new store is 5 times bigger, complete with a confectionary factory, garden terrace, indoor lounge, and shop.

And of course, pancakes.

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Beautiful, fluffy, pancakes.

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Ginza West is visited daily by customers in search of these pancakes, and needless to say, they are never disappointed. Which is probably why they keep going back for more, and we can’t wait until we too can have a bite of these glorious, gorgeous, cakes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.