Whether you're a casual Pokemon fan or a true Pokeball and badge-wielding die-hard, chances are you've seen pretty much everything when it comes to Pokemon merchandise. Stuffed animals and figurines of all kinds are available for any Pokefan who wants them, but Japanese Pokecenters and Amazon are now taking pre-orders some adorable "imitations" of those items: Ditto-themed Pokemon plushies and key-chains with the copycat Pokemon's trademark smile.


Source: Pokemon.co.jp

Ditto, the purple-blob Pokemon who lives up to his name by transforming into other Pokemon, is getting some merchandise love with a series of key-chains and plushies. Those familiar with the peculiar Pokemon know that despite being able to take on the physical appearance of another Pokemon, Ditto's empty but adorable smile remains. You can't really call it a blemish, however, because the odd expression just seems to be the only thing that makes your favorite characters cuter.



Source: Pokemon.co.jp



Source: Pokemon.co.jp

The series appears to feature Ditto-ized versions of Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Clefairy. Pre-orders from Pokemon centers in Japan, as well as Amazon Japan (your ticket to international purchases), will be made available on March 26th. Plushies will be priced at 1200 yen ($10.53 USD) and key-chains at 800 yen. ($7.02 USD)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.