It's no secret that Japan's favorite lethargic egg character, Gudetama, has an uncanny ability to look just as cute in food form. After all, he is an egg, and even some of his more questionable food transformations have a bit of charm to them. Something about the character, a raw egg who lacks the motivation to do anything but sleep because he has become self-aware of his fate as food, translates perfectly into a cup or bowl of something delicious. And while the lovable lazy egg now has his own themed cafe in Osaka, he's poised to get a new limited edition one--this time in the form of a Gudetama cafe located at a Kyoto matcha cafe!


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Kyoto-based "MACCHA HOUSE Matcha-kan" is a matcha specialty restaurant and cafe with a bit of twist. While Kyoto can be considered one of the top places in Japan to enjoy traditionally prepared matcha, this house of matcha "re-imports" matcha to Japan, as their menu focuses on the different methods of introducing Japan to the way the refined green tea has been arranged and served around the world, particularly in other Asian countries. So in that sense, you could say this is a bit of an international affair for the egg with no will.

Collaborating with Gudetama himself, MACCHA HOUSE Matcha-kan will be running a special Gudetama Cafe with menu items inspired by the not-so-inspired character. The cafe will run for a limited time (March 18th-May 8th), but the now permanent Gudetama cafe in Osaka had a similar limited-edition run before eventually opening up, so there is the slight possibility of a full-time collaboration. Either way, whether you can make the trip to Kyoto or not, just looking at these menu items for Gudetama fans is a real treat.

Gude-Latte Art Matcha Latte


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Gude Latte Art Houjicha (roasted green tea) Latte


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He melts just perfectly into this Oyakodon, which features duck and not chicken.

Oyako-"maybe parent and kid"-don


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At least he has a nice bed of aburaage to lie in before you slurp him up!

Tied-Down Udon


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Gu-Deluxe (get it?) Soft Cream Anmitsu


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Gude Matcha Parfait


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While the cuteness is enough for some, anyone looking to put the runny egg out of his lazy misery in Kyoto can do so at the address below!

382-2 Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Kawaramachi dori Shijo noboru komeyacho

By - grape Japan editorial staff.