If meeting your beloved cats via the Neko Atsume app isn’t enough for you anymore, you can now have your very own miniature Cat Metropolis (which costs 50 gold fish in the game, by the way) and 3 of the Neko Atsume cats right on your desk!


Source: p-bandai

The 3 cats available as adorable figurines are:



and Bob the Cat.

Of course, they come in one of their favorite playgrounds.


Source: p-bandai

It even comes with the pink checkered carpet!


Source: p-bandai

The Cat Metropolis stands at about 8 cm high, small enough for the cats to play in the corner of your work desk, your bookshelf, or wherever else your heart desires them to be. The cats themselves are around 2 cm tall, making for the perfect size to laze around on the platforms.

And if you go to any one of the Neko Atsume gachapon capsule toy vending machines now available throughout Japan, you can get an entire collection!


Source: p-bandai

The set comes at 3,333 yen (29 USD), the price being a play on the words “meow” and “three,” which in Japanese can sound very similar.

These adorable Neko Atsume figurines have been available to order since March 11th, and you can get them until April 11th. Planned delivery is around June 2016, so get them while you still can!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.