Run to the local craft store and you’ll see that washi products, such as washi tape and paper, are some of the most popular items on the shelves. Perfect for scrapbooking and other decorative projects, the refined quality of washi goods adds a touch of elegance to everything they are used with.

Washi (和紙) is a type of handmade paper made with traditional Japanese techniques, usually out of the gampi tree, bamboo, hemp, rice, or wheat. It’s actually one of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Objects, and a beautiful style of paper that has long been used throughout Japanese culture.

Washi paper has become easily accessible worldwide, and now it has been turned into a set of gorgeous origami paper adorned with our very own Totoro.

This Totoro washi paper comes in 20 different designs — 5 designs for every one of the 4 seasons.

All of the seasonal origami sets includes many of the characters from My Neighbor Totoro, like Mini Totoro, Catbus, and the Scootballs. You can see them against a backdrop of seasonal patterns, such as sakura, clovers, and plums in the spring designs.





They come in 15 cm squares, the typical size for origami paper. You can use them for origami projects, but also as wrapping paper, scrapbooking, or whatever your creative mind comes up with.

Each set is currently available on Amazon for 540 yen (4.74 USD), or on the ensky online shop for 600 yen (5.27 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.