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Death God Totoro Invites You To The Wrong Path

Totoro is beloved by children around the world. Even after 30 years, it’s rare to find a child who has not seen the movie yet. But behind the scenes, there is a hidden drawer underneath this lovely anime film. From Japanese Twitter, a rumor started that said that Totoro is actually the God of Death. Many story segments can be lined up perfectly with the theory because only the kids can "see" Totoro, but grown-ups can’t. The crazy part is the more you dig into it, the more scarier it becomes. That’s why this lifeless white eyed and grinning Totoro came to life. Instead of holding a grim reaper’s scythe, the design sticks to the original black umbrella, a better way to welcome strangers to the wrong path.

Don’t be shy... come along my friend...

But in reality, things aren’t always the way they seem. The dark Totoro does hold a scythe to greet you to another path, with dimensions of 8.2 inches in height.

This more bone-chilling white version can't be more absurd. That’s why people keep telling their children not to run away with strangers, especially the ones that no others can feel their existence...

The creepy rumor version of Totoro sells for 200 USD. You can buy them here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.