There’s something romantic about mushrooms popping out from the mossy carpet of a misty forest, and some have devoted much of their time and effort to recreate the scenery in their own homes.

For instance, @kinocorium. Using glass cups and small fish tanks, this Japanese Twitter user has succeeded in making a wide variety of “mushroom aquariums” that are beautiful and fairytale-like in appearance.

The most recent of @kinocorium’s projects is the “Fairy Hoihoi” (妖精ホイホイ), or “fairy catcher.” A tiny forest in a cup, this fairy catcher supposedly lures fairies into the glass as they are enticed to play on the moss or sit and rest on the mushroom caps. To capture fairies, @kinocorium advises to dim the lights, wait, and gently place the lid on top of the glass when the fairies are inside and off-guard.

The concept of a fairy catcher is a dreamy one, but the poise with which these mushrooms stand almost makes you believe that they will, in fact, attract some unsuspecting fairies.

@kinocorium regularly posts progress of the homegrown mushrooms, at times even having them for dinner.


Source: @kinocorium


Source: @kinocorium


Source: @kinocorium

Make sure to head over to @kinocorium’s Twitter or blog to see more of these picturesque mushroom cups. If you happen to be growing mushrooms yourself, you might even be able to find a few tips on how to best care for your precious fungi.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.