At this point, Japan's reputation for combining unusual flavors is more of a badge of honor than a quirky trend in their confectionery and beverage culture. If anything, foreign visitors are just as likely to search out the newest and most exotic Kit-Kat flavor as they are an authentic cup of green tea. Whether you see that as a good trend or not is up to you, but in the fast moving world of strange flavored products, a new Frankenstein's Monster of flavors has arrived: Potato-chip flavored cola.


Source: Namco

The boundary-testing snack comes courtesy of a collaboration between Namco and Kimura Drink (who already has several unusual cola flavors--eel, ripe tomato, and sweet potato). While cola-flavored potato chips have been produced a few times before in Japan, this time the strange combination will be available in liquid form.

They are supposed to taste like "washing down chips with cola"


Source: Namco

The previously released cola chips


Source: Namco

So how does it taste? According to Namco, the reality-bending potion is said to have the flavor of potato chips being washed down by cola, and even though it's a beverage allow you to savor a snack, killing two birds with one stone. While "soggy chips" may not exactly be what you call a "hard sell", it's probably the only way this was going to go.

If you want to get your hands on the soda-drenched potato chip beverage, you'll have to earn it, however. The cola isn't available for retail, and will instead be available for a limited time only at game centers and arcades in Japan, starting March 18th. Sometimes these goods find their way to retail shelves later on, so keep your eyes peeled.


Source: Namco

But hey, at least hard-working gamers at arcades won't have to dirty up their fingers for their chip-fix!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.