Kimono is a Japanese traditional garment. It is traditionally used in important formal moments to present politeness, occasions such as weddings and tea ceremonies. A decent kimono may easily exceed US$10,000 because the silk tends to be much more expensive than regular clothing. While kimonos is set traditionally to only come with as a dress, a cap manufactory Wonder Fabric sees the modern caps can be also greeted with superior fancy silk fabric as same as kimono. What’s more, the Japanese old fashioned patterns mix pretty darling well on it.


Uses a Kimono sash belt material that traditionally presents as gorgeous and high price.


Uses a Kimono material with a bit tone down gorgeous, and the weight is lighter than the KimonoObiCap.

If you want to blend in some Japanese traditional kimono style to your fashion. Feel free to check them at here for order.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.